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National stadium “Vasil Levski”


The Vasil Levski National Stadium in Sofia stands out as a significant and well-equipped sports facility. Its large seating capacity of 43,230 makes it suitable for hosting various events, from football matches, including national team games and First League matches, to other sports competitions. The stadium’s strategic location in the center of Sofia likely adds to its accessibility and popularity.

The inclusion of 14 sports halls for various activities, ranging from judo to rhythmic gymnastics, demonstrates the versatility of the stadium and its commitment to promoting a broad spectrum of sports. The presence of conference halls and restaurants on the premises further enhances its utility for various events and functions.

The Museum of the History of Physical Culture and Sports, housed within the stadium, is a valuable addition, providing visitors with insights into the rich sporting history of Bulgaria. Being recognized as one of the Hundred National Tourist Sites emphasizes the cultural and historical significance of the stadium.

In summary, the Vasil Levski National Stadium appears to be a well-rounded sports complex, contributing not only to the sports scene but also to the cultural and educational aspects of the community.

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