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Hall “Sofia”


The “Sofia” Hall is a sports facility situated near Park-Hotel “Moscow,” the “Universiade” Hall, and the World Trade Center in Sofia. Here are some key features and amenities associated with the hall:

– Location: The hall is strategically located in proximity to Park-Hotel “Moscow,” the “Universiade” Hall, and the World Trade Center in Sofia, Bulgaria.

– Sports Facilities: The hall is equipped with two tennis courts featuring perfect flooring for the sport.

– Seating Capacity: It offers seating for 520 spectators, providing an environment for audiences to enjoy sports competitions and events.

– Changing Rooms: The facility includes two changing rooms, essential for athletes to prepare for their respective sports.

– Café and Restaurant: Visitors and participants can avail themselves of the on-site amenities, including a coffee bar and a restaurant. These spaces offer places to relax, socialize, and enjoy refreshments.

– Versatile Hosting: The “Sofia” Hall serves as a venue for various sports competitions, expanding its utility. Some of the sports and events hosted at the hall include rhythmic gymnastics, table tennis, aerobics, badminton, fencing, sumo, Canadian wrestling, and more.

– Parking Facilities: The hall provides parking facilities, enhancing accessibility for visitors and participants.

Overall, the “Sofia” Hall stands as a versatile sports facility, accommodating different sporting activities and providing amenities for both participants and spectators. Its strategic location and range of offerings make it a valuable asset for the sports community in Sofia.

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