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Arena Sofia (Arena Armeets)


“Arena Armeets Sofia” is a prominent multifunctional sports hall in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here are some key features and information about the facility:

– Opening Date: The sports hall was officially opened on July 30, 2011.

– Versatility: “Arena Armeets Sofia” is designed to accommodate over 30 different types of sports, making it a versatile venue for various athletic events.

– Concerts: In addition to sports events, the hall is a venue for numerous concerts, showcasing its capacity to host cultural and entertainment performances.

– Seating Capacity: The sports hall has a seating capacity of 12,470. This includes 3,500 seats on mobile stands that can be installed or removed based on the specific needs of an event. For concerts, the capacity can be expanded to accommodate up to 15,000 spectators.

– Parking Facilities: The facility provides parking space for 1,200 cars. During high-profile events with significant spectator interest, additional parking arrangements may be made on “Asen Yordanov Blvd.”

– Infrastructure: “Arena Armeets Sofia” is equipped with two press centers capable of hosting 120 journalists, underlining its suitability for media coverage. It also includes a training room, fitness center, and a restaurant.

– Location: The hall is situated in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria.

Overall, “Arena Armeets Sofia” serves as a hub for sports competitions, cultural events, and entertainment, contributing to the city’s infrastructure and providing a versatile space for a wide range of activities.

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