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Universiade Hall


The “Universiade” Hall is a significant multifunctional indoor facility in Sofia, Bulgaria, offering various features and services. Here’s an overview:

– The hall is strategically located in the center of Sofia, making it easily accessible from all parts of the capital.

Facilities and Features:
1. Main Hall:
– The main hall has a seating capacity of 2,300 people.
– It is designed to host a variety of events, including sports competitions, congresses, and concerts.
– The hall provides a versatile space for large gatherings and performances.

2. East Hall:
– The East Hall is suitable for conferences, chamber performances, reviews, cocktails, and specialized exhibitions.
– It has a capacity of 500 people.

3. South Hall:
– The South Hall is equipped for training sessions, press conferences, and smaller events.
– Special equipment, screens, flip charts, and multimedia capabilities are available.
– It can accommodate up to 25 people.

4. Exhibition Space:
– The complex offers over 1,500 square meters of exhibition space, providing opportunities for various exhibitions and displays.

5. Additional Facilities:
– The adjacent parts of the complex include commercial areas, advertising spaces, cozy restaurants, and parking with 50 spaces.
– These additional amenities contribute to the overall convenience and functionality of the complex.

– The “Universiade” Hall is designed to host a wide range of events, catering to sports, entertainment, business, and cultural activities.

– Its central location ensures easy access for visitors from different areas of Sofia.

– The hall has hosted various events, including sports competitions, congresses, concerts, conferences, and exhibitions.

The “Universiade” Hall stands out as a versatile and well-equipped venue in Sofia, providing a dynamic space for diverse events and activities, from sports and entertainment to business gatherings and cultural performances.

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