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Akademik Stadium


The sports complex at the “Akademik” stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a comprehensive facility that brings together various sports and recreational amenities. Here’s an overview:

– The “Akademik” Stadium is situated near the Festival Hall in Sofia.

Stadium Features:
1. Playing Fields:
– The stadium includes one grass field for various sports activities.
– There is an athletics track around the playing field.
– Two artificial fields provide additional options for sports and training.

2. Facilities:
– Coaches’ offices are available to support training activities.
– Four changing rooms cater to the needs of athletes.
– A coffee club provides a space for socializing and relaxation.
– Three sports shops offer equipment and gear for different sports.

Sports Halls:
– The complex features sports halls designed for various disciplines, including fencing, karate, tae-bo, boxing, judo, aikido, callanetics, sports dances, and aerobics.

Fitness and Recreation:
– A fitness center is part of the complex, equipped with facilities for workout sessions and physical training.
– Sauna and solarium facilities contribute to the recreational options available to visitors.
– A tangentor may be available for additional wellness services.

Tennis Courts and Mini Football Fields:
– The inclusion of tennis courts and mini football fields expands the range of sports and activities available within the complex.

Club History:
– The United Sports Club “Akademik” has a rich history, dating back to its founding in 1947 as the Student Physical Education Society.
– The club has evolved into an association of autonomous clubs, each dedicated to a specific type of sport.

Training and Sports Offered:
– The sports complex offers training in a wide range of disciplines, with approximately 40 types of sports available for clients.

The “Akademik” sports complex is a dynamic and multifaceted facility that caters to the diverse sporting and recreational needs of its visitors. From stadium facilities to sports halls, fitness centers, and various training options, the complex provides a comprehensive environment for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

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