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Tsarsko Selo Arena Stadium


The Arena Tsarsko Selo Stadium is a football facility situated in the Dragalevtsi district of Sofia, within the “Tsarsko Selo” complex. Here are some key details about the stadium and the surrounding complex:

1. Capacity: The stadium has a seating capacity of 1,500, and it underwent a complete reconstruction in the summer of 2019. The renovation included an increase in capacity, the construction of a stand for guests, the installation of electric lighting, and the addition of a modern electronic scoreboard. These improvements were made to meet the standards required for hosting matches from the elite division of Bulgarian football.

2. Location: The stadium’s excellent location at the foot of Vitosha, a mountain in the outskirts of Sofia, adds to its appeal.

3. Usage by Other Clubs: Due to its location and facilities, the stadium is often utilized by other football clubs for training camps or practice sessions.

4. Training Fields:
– 2 outdoor training fields with natural grass, each with dimensions of 100/60 meters.
– 1 outdoor training field with artificial grass, measuring 100/60 meters.
– 1 indoor training ground with artificial grass, covering an area of 60/40 meters.
– 1 outdoor training field with artificial grass, with dimensions of 40/20 meters.

The availability of both natural and artificial grass training fields, along with indoor and outdoor options, provides a comprehensive training environment for football teams.

The Arena Tsarsko Selo Stadium and the accompanying training facilities in the “Tsarsko Selo” complex contribute to the development and promotion of football in the region, offering modern amenities and a suitable venue for both matches and training sessions.

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