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Asics Arena – Sofia


The “Asics Arena” is the revamped and renamed version of the well-known “Festivalna” hall in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here are some key details about the hall:

– Renovation and Opening: The hall underwent extensive renovation, costing BGN 7 million, and was reopened with its new name, “Asics Arena.”

– Athletic Facilities: The hall boasts the distinction of being the only one in Sofia with a 200-meter athletic oval. It is equipped with modern athletics tools, including a complete set of equipment for various sports.

– Original Construction: The original construction of the hall, known as “Festivalna,” was completed in 1968, making it a longstanding part of Sofia’s infrastructure.

– Athletics Competitions: The facility is especially suitable for athletics competitions, featuring a track with four corridors. It serves as a venue for athletics training during the winter.

– Versatility: In addition to athletics, the hall hosts various events and activities, including artistic and sports gymnastics competitions, sports dances, martial arts, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, and more. It serves as a cultural center in the capital.

– Size and Seating Capacity: The hall covers an area of 26,500 sq. m. It has 2,270 spectator seats, and for concerts, the capacity can be expanded to accommodate up to 6,000 spectators. The stands and competition area are accessible for people with disabilities.

– Rentable Spaces: “Asics Arena” offers rental spaces for exhibitions, congresses, public events, and more. It includes amenities such as a restaurant and a cafeteria.

The renovation and modernization of the hall not only preserve its historical significance but also enhance its functionality, making it a versatile venue for a wide range of events and activities.

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