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Sports hall “Levski Sofia”


The Sports Hall “Levski Sofia” is a modern sports facility designed to accommodate various sports events and activities. Here are some key features and details about the sports hall:

1. Capacity: The sports hall has a maximum seating capacity of 1,724, including movable tribunes that can be adjusted based on the event’s requirements. The fixed seats in the main stand are 888.

2. Compliance with CEV Requirements: The hall meets all requirements set by the CEV (Confédération Européenne de Volleyball) for hosting matches from the Champions League, a prestigious European club competition in volleyball.

3. Playing Area: The total area of the playing surface is 1,821.11 square meters, and the height exceeds 12.6 meters. This ample space allows for the accommodation of multiple full-size volleyball and basketball courts.

4. Versatile Configuration: The hall is equipped with special automatic curtains that can be used to separate the space into three full-size volleyball and basketball courts. This flexibility allows for various training configurations.

5. Home Matches for Levski Sofia Men’s Team: For the home matches of the Levski Sofia men’s team, the main field of the sports hall is utilized.

6. Infrastructure and Logistics: The facility includes essential amenities such as a parking lot for visitors, a reception area, a cafe, four changing rooms, a conference hall, offices, and rooms for coaches. There is also a doctor’s office, emphasizing the importance of player health and medical support.

7. Multi-Purpose Usage: Beyond sports events, the hall is designed to host various events, taking advantage of its excellent infrastructure and logistics.

The Sports Hall “Levski Sofia” stands out as a versatile and well-equipped venue that can cater to the needs of both sports competitions and other events. Its compliance with international standards and modern features contribute to its significance in the sports and event hosting landscape.

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