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Sports complex “DEMA”


The Sports Complex “DEMA” in Sofia is a large and modern facility that offers a wide range of sports and recreational activities. Here’s an overview of its features and services:

1. Activities:
– The complex provides activities in tennis, fitness, aerobics, dancing, yoga, and other sports and wellness programs.
– Highly effective weight loss procedures based on established European methods are offered.

2. Massage and Cosmetic Procedures:
– Modern and classic massages are available to promote relaxation and well-being.
– Cosmetic procedures, using both Bulgarian and imported cosmetics, contribute to skincare and beauty.

3. Saunas and Solarium:
– The complex features saunas for relaxation and detoxification.
– A solarium is available for those seeking a sun-kissed tan.

4. Business Meetings and Celebrations:
– There is a hall with a capacity of about 40 people, suitable for business meetings, family gatherings, and company celebrations.

5. Children’s Corner:
– A designated children’s corner with climbing frames is provided for the entertainment of younger visitors.

6. Parking and Security:
– Free and secure parking facilities are available for customers.
– The complex ensures 24-hour armed security for the safety of its patrons.

7. Garden Setting:
– The facility is set in an extensive garden with abundant greenery, providing a pleasant and relaxing environment.

8. Service and Cleanliness:
– The sports complex emphasizes a high culture of service to meet customer needs.
– Cleanliness is maintained at a high standard throughout the premises.

The Sports Complex “DEMA” combines a variety of sports and wellness offerings with a focus on customer satisfaction. Its comprehensive facilities, family-friendly features, and commitment to security make it a popular choice for individuals and groups seeking diverse recreational and fitness experiences.

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