Trebich, situated in the northern part of the city of Sofia, is a district with a rich history and distinct characteristics. Bordered by Iliantsi to the south and east, Mirovane to the west, and Novi Iskar to the north, Trebich stands at a distance of approximately 8 km from the city center. It was only in 1971 that Trebich became part of Sofia, previously being an independent village.

The presence of the Blato River, which flows past the neighborhood, serves as a natural boundary, separating Trebich from the Sofia Ring Road. On the other side, the Kakach River further adds to the geographical features of the area.

Historically, Trebič holds significance as it was in this neighborhood, then a village, that Vasil Levski established a secret revolutionary committee in 1870. This marks a crucial chapter in the region’s contribution to the national liberation movement.

In terms of transportation, Trebič is well-connected with the city through three bus lines – No. 26, 27, and 29. These transportation links ensure that residents have convenient access to the broader Sofia metropolitan area.

Sports enthusiasts in Trebich have the opportunity to engage in and support local sports activities. The neighborhood boasts a football team named Vihar, which competes in OFG – Sofia (capital). Additionally, the stadiums located in Trebich serve as training grounds for the CSKA 1948 football team, further contributing to the sports culture within the district.

As Trebich continues to evolve within the context of Sofia’s urban landscape, its historical significance, coupled with modern amenities and sports activities, adds to the vibrant and diverse character of this northern district.

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