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Druzhba (district of Sofia)


“Druzhba” stands as a prominent residential complex situated in the south-eastern part of Sofia, specifically falling within the “Iskar” area, serving as its main segment. This well-established complex is bordered by the neighborhoods of Gorublyane, Slatina, Poligona, Sofia Airport, and the residence “Vrana,” offering a mix of older and newer sub-districts, public institutions, and industrial zones.

The complex is divided into two distinctive sub-districts – “Druzhba 1” and “Druzhba 2.” “Druzhba 1,” the older segment, features block numbers ranging from 1 to 199. The construction in this sub-district is primarily characterized by panel buildings of various series, including Bs-2-63 (united), Bs-VIII-Sf, Bs-2-69, Os-68 -Gl, Bs-69-Sf, and large-area formwork (EPK). Notably, residential blocks numbered from 130 to 151 exhibit unique construction styles with 2, 3, or 4 floors. In contrast, “Druzhba 2” is subdivided into five microdistricts, marked by newer constructions, largely comprising panel and EPK buildings.

“Druzhba 2” further accommodates ongoing developments, such as the Tsarigrad Complex near Druzhba 2 and the 6th microdistrict around the Druzhba metro station. This contemporary development contributes to the evolving landscape of the Druzhba area.

The educational landscape in “Druzhba” includes several schools, such as 4 Elementary School “Prof. John Atanasov,” 65 Cyril and Methodius Secondary School, 68 SU “Academician Nikola Obreshkov,” 69 SU “Dimitar Marinov,” 89 “Hristo Stambolski” Primary School, 108 SU “Nikola Belovezhdov,” 150 “Tsar Simeon the First” Elementary School, 163 Chernorizets Hrabar Elementary School, and “Nikola Botushev” Professional High School of Transport.

The commercial scene in the complex is vibrant, with numerous shops, including major retail chains. Notable establishments include Kaufland hypermarket, Lidl stores in “Druzhba 2,” Billa stores, “Fantastico” stores, and a Praktiker store, among others, providing residents with a diverse shopping experience.

“Druzhba” is also home to sports facilities, such as the Iskar Sports Club building with small halls and several playgrounds. Adjacent to block 41 in “Druzhba 1” is the 8th regional police station, and the administrative building of “Iskar” Region is located opposite the kindergarten on “Krastyo Pastukhov” Blvd. Additionally, the 28th diagnostic-consultative center (formerly a polyclinic) is situated near the intersection of Iskarsko Shose Blvd. and Ilia Beshkov St., enhancing the accessibility of healthcare services for residents.

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