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House-Museum “Ivan Vazov”


The home museum of Ivan Vazov is located between the multi-storey buildings in the center of Sofia, at the corner of “G.S. Rakovski” and “Iv. Vazov” streets. It stands as a unique presence, serving as a center of spirituality and a beloved, symbolic place for every Bulgarian.

The house itself was built in 1895, and it was in this house that the prominent Bulgarian writer lived and worked for an extended period. Just a few days after Ivan Vazov’s death on September 22, 1921, the Minister of Education, Stoyan Omarcevski, submitted an extensive report to the National Assembly, advocating for the transformation of the Vazov House into a museum. This proposal was realized, and on November 26, 1926, the first Bulgarian literary museum was officially opened.

The museum features an art-documentary exhibition on the first floor, showcasing some of the unique gifts and awards Ivan Vazov received for his jubilees in 1895 and 1920. The second floor, accessible via a wide wooden staircase, contains the office of Ivan Vazov, complete with the writer’s work table, personal library, belongings, paintings, portraits, and objects that capture the unique spiritual atmosphere of the place.

The home museum of Ivan Vazov is a cherished cultural and historical site, offering visitors a glimpse into the life and work of one of Bulgaria’s most celebrated literary figures.

Adults: BGN 5.00
Pupils, students and pensioners: BGN 3.00.
Talk: BGN 10.00
Every last Thursday of the month – free entry.

Work time:
Monday – Saturday:
10:00 – 17:00

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