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Dimitar Dimov House-Museum


Dimitar Todorov Dimov, born in 1909, emerged as a notable Bulgarian writer, leaving a lasting impact on the country’s literary landscape until his death in 1966. His early education took place in Dupnitsa and later in Sofia, leading him to enroll in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Sofia University in 1928. Dimov’s initial career as a veterinarian saw him serving in the village of Vaksevo and in Knezha until 1939, after which he transitioned to academia as an assistant professor of anatomy at his alma mater.

Dimov’s literary career took a significant turn in 1946 with the publication of the first excerpt from his novel “Tobacco,” a work that would undergo several iterations before its completion in 1951. The novel received further refinement for its third edition published in 1955, reflecting Dimov’s dedication to his craft. His contributions to Bulgarian literature were cut short when he passed away on April 1, 1966, in Bucharest.

In an effort to make culture and literature accessible to all, there is free admission every last Thursday of the month, as well as on reception days for uniformed soldiers, disabled individuals, and children under the age of 7. This policy ensures that Dimitar Todorov Dimov’s legacy, among others, continues to inspire and educate future generations.

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