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Museum of Physical Culture and Sports


The Museum of Physical Culture and Sports, situated within the Vasil Levski National Stadium in Sofia, serves as a homage to Bulgaria’s sporting heritage and the remarkable achievements of its athletes. Within its walls, visitors encounter a wealth of history spanning Bulgarian sports, showcased through an impressive collection of over 5,000 exhibits.

This treasure trove was made possible through generous donations from esteemed Bulgarian athletes, competitors, and sports personalities. Among the exhibits are personal belongings and prestigious awards, such as Olympic medals, cups, team memorabilia, and accolades. Football enthusiasts can marvel at iconic artifacts like Georgi Asparuhov-Gundy’s team items and the sports shirt of Hristo Stoichkov, widely regarded as one of Bulgaria’s greatest football players.

The museum doesn’t just focus on football; it also pays tribute to other sports. For instance, the exhibits feature belongings of trailblazing mountaineer Hristo Prodanov, the first Bulgarian to summit Everest, as well as early 20th-century climbing gear. Donations from revered figures like Todor Simov, a legendary Bulgarian volleyball player, showcase the sport’s early international successes.

The museum boasts a captivating display of photographs and facsimiles, chronicling the inception of the country’s first sports associations, tourism societies, clubs, and organizations. Intriguing artifacts like the suitcase of renowned wrestler Dan Kolov and a rag ball crafted by Nikola Dimitrov-Futs, a football player from the 1930s, add depth to the collection. Notably, an old photograph from 1884 featuring Swiss gymnastics teachers marks the genesis of modern sports in Bulgaria.

Initially inaugurated on March 30, 1962, the museum found its initial home in the Sports Palace. Subsequently, in 2003, the museum underwent significant renovation, revitalizing its offerings to continue preserving Bulgaria’s rich sporting legacy.

Entrance: BGN 1.00.

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Monday – Friday:
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