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National Church Historical-Archaeological Museum at the Holy Synod


The National Church History and Archaeology Museum is situated within the Faculty of Theology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski,” positioned in the heart of Sofia on “Sveta Nedelya” Square. This remarkable edifice, crafted by Bulgarian and foreign architects and artists, was constructed in 1923. It was initially established as a museum during that time, welcoming visitors with an array of historical and religious artifacts. Unfortunately, the building suffered significant damage during bombings in World War II but was subsequently restored to its former glory.

Housing an extensive collection of over 10,000 exhibits, the museum proudly showcases an assortment of items including icons, wood carvings, historical documents, church utensils, and ancient printed books. Visitors have the opportunity to admire icons crafted by distinguished masters from renowned schools such as Trevne, Samokov, Debar, and Ban. Additionally, the museum houses invaluable autographs, such as manuscripts penned by notable figures like Neophyte Bozveli, Hilarion Makariopolski, Exarch Antimus I, Exarch Joseph I, and others.

Due to its exceptional and cultural significance, the museum’s exhibitions are frequently sought after and showcased in various museums across the globe, including cities like Paris, Geneva, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Prague, Bratislava, and more. Notably, the Faculty of Theology’s building was designated as an architectural and artistic cultural monument of national importance in a publication of the State Gazette in 1998.

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