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National Agricultural Museum


Established in 1956 at the Higher Agricultural Institute in Sofia, the Agricultural Museum underwent a transformation in 1999 through the National Agricultural Museum Act. Today, it stands as the sole institution in Bulgaria dedicated to exploring, collecting, and preserving monuments that mirror the country’s agricultural tradition spanning from ancient times to the present.

Housing a vast array of museum items that showcase the evolution of various agricultural branches, as well as developments in science and education, the museum’s holdings extend to a rich library of specialized literature. Occupying over 1000 sq.m., the museum features permanent thematic exhibitions such as Sheep and Goat Breeding, Plant Breeding, Beekeeping, Veterinary Medicine, and the See, Touch, and Remember Hall. Additionally, the museum boasts the House-Museum of Academician D. Kostov in the village of Lokorsko, Sofia.

Furthermore, the National Agricultural Museum actively organizes and presents temporary exhibitions on diverse topics within Bulgaria and internationally. Maintaining connections with domestic and foreign museums, it holds membership in the International Association of Agricultural Museums (AIMA).

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