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Monument to Patriarch Euthymius


The monument to Patriarch Evtimii, gracing the square that shares his name, stands as a symbol in the heart of Sofia. Crafted by sculptor Marko Markov and erected in 1939, this revered statue depicts Patriarch Evtimii, holding a cross and overseeing generations for over 70 years. In 2012, the Metropolitan Municipality revamped the surroundings, revitalizing the space around the monument.

Euthymius Turnovski remains one of Bulgaria’s eminent figures, renowned for his contributions during the Middle Ages. As the prominent patriarch of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, he succeeded Patriarch John II in 1375. Embracing hesychasm, he staunchly defended against heresies and advocated for moral resurgence. His theological and ecclesiastical insights garnered widespread recognition, attracting metropolitans and abbots seeking his guidance.

Among his notable works are 15 pieces, including liturgical books, eulogies, lives, and epistles. During the spring of 1393, Tarnovo faced a siege by Sultan Bayezid I. Despite enduring a three-month-long blockade and the loss of prominent citizens, Patriarch Euthymius valiantly led the city’s defense. While many perished, he was spared and exiled to the region of Macedonia, likely in the Bachkovo Monastery, where he passed away around 1402-1404.

Patriarch Euthymius was canonized as a saint, commemorated on January 20, aligning with the memory of Saint Euthymius the Great. His enduring legacy resonates through the reverence shown at his monument in Sofia’s bustling heart.

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