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Monument to those who died for the Motherland


Merely two years after successfully repelling a coordinated assault from its neighboring armies, the Kingdom of Bulgaria finds itself at a moment of reckoning. The memory of the allies-turned-robbers’ betrayal and the treacherous blow from Romanian forces linger in Bulgarian society. To reclaim justice lost in 1913, Bulgaria aligns itself with the Central Powers and enters the First World War on October 1, 1915. This marks the nation’s third conflict in just four years, yet enthusiasm runs high, and mobilization proceeds as planned. Hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian men eagerly enlist to liberate their brethren still under foreign rule.

The war commences with an attack on Serbia, which had seized a significant portion of Macedonia and all of Pomoravie. The First Infantry Regiment of Sofia spearheads a headlong assault, swiftly seizing the height of Draganov Vrach and engaging in fierce battles for control of the fortified position “Drenova Gvla.” By October 14, the Serbian position crumbles, and the regiment’s flag proudly waves over the newly liberated Bulgarian land. In early November, the last Serbian resistance at “Radovačka Chuka” is overcome. Serbia collapses, and Bulgaria regains parts of Macedonia and Pomerania, marking the initial strides toward national unification.

In the autumn of 1916, Romania’s entry into the war alongside the Entente offers an opportunity for retribution against the northern neighbor who betrayed Bulgaria in 1913. Following Bulgaria’s declaration of war on Romania on September 1, 1916, the Sofia Regiment, part of the Third Bulgarian Army, advances into Dobrudja, liberating this sacred Bulgarian territory seized by the Romanians.

Despite finding itself on the losing side once again, Bulgaria asserts it is neither defeated nor broken. The signing of the “Noy Dictate,” an inhumane and unjust peace treaty on November 27, 1919, fails to break the Bulgarian spirit. Among the heroes who achieved remarkable victories against various adversaries, the hope for future revenge and national unity endures. The heroic feats of the First Sofia Infantry Regiment exemplify unwavering heroism and patriotism, reminding Bulgarians not to forget their accomplishments.

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