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The bust-monument of Academician Borislav Boyanov


The bust-monument of Academician Borislav Boyanov graces the grounds of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University. Crafted by the sculptor Vanyo Kolev, known for other tributes in the faculty’s special gallery of memory, this initiative rightly secures its place among them. While those fortunate to have known him will undoubtedly carry his memory forever, the physical manifestation of their appreciation immortalizes the legacy of this eminent scientist, ensuring that his remarkable work and wisdom continue to inspire future generations.

Academician Borislav Boyanov, a distinguished Bulgarian scientist and mathematician, made significant global contributions in domains like the theory of approximations, numerical integration, splines, extremal problems for polynomials, and more. Born on November 18, 1944, in the village of Shemshevo, Velikoturnovo, he graduated with a mathematics major from the University of Sofia in 1965. Subsequently, he pursued specialization at the University of Wroclaw until 1968, earning his doctorate in mathematics in 1980. Recognized for his scholarly excellence, he was elected a corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) in 1991, later attaining full membership as an academic in 1997.

Academician Boyanov held a revered and esteemed position as a teacher within the Faculty of Mathematics at Sofia University. Leading the “Numerical Methods and Algorithms” department, he eventually assumed the role of dean in 2003, steering the faculty with distinction until 2007. His passing on April 8, 2009, marked the loss of an exceptional mind and educator whose impact continues to reverberate through his enduring contributions to mathematics and education.

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