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Monument to Stefan Stambolov


The monument honoring Stefan Stambolov stands at the very site where this revered figure met a tragic fate at the hands of his merciless assailants. Erected in July 1995 by the national club “Stefan Stambolov,” the monument’s conception is attributed to Ivan Slavov and Alexander Stefanov. Symbolically representing the death of the eminent Bulgarian activist and public figure, the sculpture features a split in the head, evoking the dramatic event.

Resting on the pedestal beneath the sculpture, a plaque commemorates the life and legacy of this distinguished statesman. Stefan Stambolov’s signature graces the monument, a mark that once adorned numerous laws, decrees, and pivotal documents that contributed to Bulgaria’s modernization. It serves as a poignant reminder of his significant role in the nation’s history, urging us to honor his memory and uphold the interests of our Bulgarian homeland and its people. The monument to Stefan Stambolov stands as a revered site, inviting us to reflect on the enduring importance of safeguarding our nation and its heritage.

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