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Monument to Marin Drinov


Prof. Marin Stoyanov Drinov stands tall as a figure pivotal in shaping Bulgarian historiography and culture during the Renaissance. His impactful contributions spanned history, philology, and statesmanship, leaving an indelible mark on Bulgaria’s intellectual landscape. Drinov devoted much of his life to Russia, where his scholarly and leadership roles left an enduring legacy.

He holds a distinguished position as a founding member and the inaugural chairman of the Bulgarian Literary Society, an institution that evolved into today’s prestigious Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Brother to the revolutionary Nayden Drinov, his familial ties intersected with a commitment to academic pursuits and cultural elevation.

The renaming of the village of Bakhshishlar to Drinovo, in honor of Professor Marin Drinov, stands as a testament to his esteemed stature. It’s a gesture that underscores the profound respect and admiration accorded to his scholarly eminence. Moreover, the BAS publishing house proudly bears his name, further commemorating his significant influence in Bulgarian intellectual life.

The monument dedicated to Prof. Marin Stoyanov Drinov, positioned near the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the BAS, serves as a perpetual reminder of his profound impact on Bulgarian scholarship and national identity.

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