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Monument to Prof. Emmanuel Ivanov


The monument to Prof. Emanuil Ivanov stands proudly in front of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Sofia. Although the faculty was elsewhere during his time, this location now symbolizes the ongoing legacy of his work, as new generations delve into the realms of science under his watchful gaze. Sculpted by Vanyo Kolev, the figure of Professor Ivanov sits on a granite pedestal, his stature elevated and dignified. He’s portrayed in a contemplative pose, seated in an antique armchair, a book close to his heart, a testament to his lifelong dedication to science and culture.

Prof. Emmanuel Ivanov was a luminary in Bulgarian mathematics and education. Born on January 30, 1858, in Svishtov, he embarked on various professional paths before discovering his true passion. Educated at the Polytechnic in Munich, he later became renowned for his teaching prowess at the Lom high school. His commitment to education led him to advocate for well-trained teachers, ultimately contributing to the establishment of the first Higher School in Bulgaria, later known as Sofia University.

Ivanov’s membership in the Bulgarian Book Society (BAS) and his academic pursuits in number theory and mathematical methodology marked his scientific legacy. His studies delved into hypercomplex numbers, particularly the intriguing ranions, characterized by four units. After retiring in 1923, Ivanov spent his remaining years in Kyustendil, where he passed away on July 24, 1925. Today, his name graces the Science and Mathematics High School in Kyustendil.

The unveiling of his monument on May 12, 2008, commemorated the 150th anniversary of his birth, a tribute spurred by the initiative of Academician Borislav Boyanov.

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