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Monument to Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov


The bust-monument honoring Prof. Asen Zlatarov stands proudly within the “Zaimov” park, adjacent to the “Sofia” theater. This monument, erected in 1996, was a testament to the initiative undertaken by the “Asen Zlatarov” club, commemorating the legacy of this esteemed figure.

Professor Asen Hristov Zlatarov is renowned as a distinguished Bulgarian scientist and a prominent public figure. Notably, he is credited as the pioneering force behind the establishment of biochemistry within Bulgaria’s scientific landscape. Beyond his scientific contributions, Zlatarov also left a mark as a fiction writer, showcasing a diverse range of talents.

Born in 1885, his impactful journey continued until his passing in 1936. The monument in his honor stands as a tribute to his significant contributions to science, literature, and the cultural heritage of Bulgaria.

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