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Bust-monument of Emilian Stanev


Emilian Stanev, a literary pseudonym adopted by Nikola Stoyanov Stanev, was born on February 28, 1907, in Tarnovo, Bulgaria. His formative years were predominantly spent in Tarnovo and Elena, where he resided with his family. Early on, his father introduced him to hunting in the natural wilderness, an experience that left a lasting impression on him and later found expression in his literary works through vivid descriptions of nature.

In 1928, he completed his high school education in Vratsa as a private student before relocating to Sofia. There, he briefly pursued studies in painting under Professor Tseno Todorov. Subsequently, during the 1930s, Stanev delved into finance and credit studies at the Free University, which is now known as UNSS.

From 1932 to 1944, Stanev held an official position within the Sofia municipality. Later, in 1945, he assumed the role of manager at a hunting farm situated in the village of Bukovets, Loveshko. Notably, Stanev was a regular member of the close personal circle surrounding the dictator Todor Zhivkov, often referred to as the “hunting squad,” where he served as an informal advisor. His association with Zhivkov provided him a unique vantage point within the political sphere.

Emilian Stanev passed away on March 15, 1979, leaving behind a legacy that extended beyond his literary contributions, marked by his experiences in nature and his involvement in political circles during that era in Bulgaria’s history.

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