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Bust-monument of Hristo Maksimov


Hristo Maksimov, also known by the pseudonym “Mircho,” was a notable Bulgarian writer, educator, and publicist. Born on February 13, 1867, in Samokov to Dimitar Maksimov and Mariola, he faced financial constraints that interrupted his education. Despite these challenges, he became a teacher in Samokov and later in Asenovgrad. His passion for literature blossomed as he delved into Russian literature, publishing his initial poems under the pseudonym “Mircho.”

His literary journey led him to Plovdiv, where he contributed stories about folk life and pedagogical articles to the magazine “Duma.” Alongside colleagues, he established the magazine “Celina,” championing rural interests. His significant contribution came through the establishment of the magazine “Teacher,” which became a pivotal forum for progressive educators seeking to enhance pedagogical practices and social engagement.

Transitioning to Sofia in 1899, Maksimov conceived the idea of an annual school almanac, a substantial volume packed with educational insights, historical references, and critical documents. While lauded for its significance in educational circles, financial constraints arose due to the almanac’s publication, leading to debts he struggled to settle.

Despite these challenges, he initiated the magazine “Prosveta” in 1901, continuing his dedicated work in education and publication. However, his health deteriorated, eventually succumbing to tuberculosis on April 13, 1902, in Sofia. Maksimov’s dedication to education and literature left a lasting legacy in Bulgarian pedagogy and intellectual discourse.

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