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Iliya Minev monument


Ilia Stoyanov Minev’s legacy as a staunch advocate for democracy and a resolute opponent of communism remains an indelible part of Bulgarian history. Often likened to Nelson Mandela, his life was marked by adversity, imprisonment, and marginalization, setting him apart from many others. Yet, unlike Mandela, Bai Iliya’s story lacks the triumphant recognition and acknowledgment he deserves.

Despite a life marred by repression and isolation, Eng. Iliya Minev finally found recognition posthumously with a monument in Sofia’s heart. Situated in the garden between “Evlogi Georgiev” and “Cherni vrah” boulevards, this monument, unveiled on December 9, 2002, stands as a testament to his life. Initiated by the Movement for National Revival “Oborishte,” the monument, crafted by sculptor Ivo Dimitrov Chehlarov, comprises three white marble slabs. The tallest bears a bronze portrait bas-relief accompanied by a poignant biblical quote, while a lower slab features a concise biography engraved upon it.

This modest yet dignified monument embodies simplicity and expressive artistry, its significance lying in its informative narrative. Despite the deliberate oversight of Minev’s contributions by older generations and the scant attention from newer ones, this monument serves as a beacon of uncompromising idealism. Eng. Iliya Minev’s life story remains relevant and inspiring, offering a compelling example that transcends time.

A brief pause before this monument offers a poignant opportunity to absorb, empathize, and be motivated by a powerful lesson: the importance of seeking truth, remembering, and honoring those who have played a pivotal role in history.

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