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Bust-monument of Vasil Levski


The monument to Vasil Ivanov Kunchev, famously known as Vasil Levski, stands proudly in Boris Garden within Sofia. Levski holds a revered place in Bulgarian history as a national hero, celebrated for his pivotal role as an ideologist and organizer of the Bulgarian national revolution.

His legacy is deeply rooted in his founding of the Internal Revolutionary Organization (IRO), where his visionary leadership and strategic planning embodied the spirit of Bulgaria’s quest for liberation from Ottoman rule. Levski earned the enduring title of the “Apostle of Freedom” due to his instrumental efforts in structuring and expanding a revolutionary network aimed at freeing Bulgaria from its oppressive rulers.

His profound dedication to the cause of Bulgarian independence resonates throughout history, inspiring generations with his unwavering commitment to the country’s liberation and his tireless pursuit of national unity. The monument in Boris Garden stands as a testament to his enduring legacy and the unwavering spirit of freedom and sovereignty for which he fervently fought.

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