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Monument to Zahariy Stoyanov


The monument to Zahariy Stoyanov (Jendo Stoyanov Jedev) stands in Boris Garden, situated within the city of Sofia. Zahariy Stoyanov was a multifaceted figure in Bulgarian history, known as a revolutionary, politician, journalist, and writer. He played a significant role as an Assistant Apostle during the April Uprising of 1876 and emerged as its first historiographer through his notable work, “Notes on the Bulgarian Uprisings.” Additionally, Stoyanov served as the Chairman of the BTCRC (Bulgarian Central Revolutionary Committee) and played a pivotal role as the chief organizer of the Union between the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia in 1885. He was also a member of the People’s Liberal (Stambolovist) Party, contributing to the political landscape of his time.

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