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Bust-monument of Raiko Daskalov


Raiko Daskalov was indeed a notable figure in Bulgarian politics, closely associated with the Bulgarian Agricultural People’s Union during the leadership of Alexander Stamboliyski. His contributions and affiliations with the BAZNS marked an era of significant political developments in Bulgaria during the early 20th century.

The bust-monument of Raiko Daskalov, situated in the kindergarten at Solunska and Angel Kanchev streets in Sofia, commemorates the legacy of a significant Bulgarian political figure. Raiko Ivanov Daskalov was prominently associated with the Bulgarian Agricultural People’s Union (BAZNS) and played a crucial role in the governance during Alexander Stamboliyski’s tenure from 1919 to 1923.

Known for his involvement in political affairs, Daskalov was a close confidant and actively contributed to the governments led by Alexander Stamboliyski. Notably, his older brother Stefan Daskalov was also a prominent figure in BAZNS, involved in the political landscape of the time.

The bust-monument serves as a tribute to Raiko Daskalov’s dedicated service and his significant contributions within the Bulgarian Agricultural People’s Union, marking his influential role during a crucial period in Bulgarian governance.

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