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Bust-monument of Lyuben Karavelov


Lyuben Stoychev Karavelov, a prominent figure in Bulgarian history, was not only a poet and writer but also an encyclopedist, journalist, and ethnographer. Recognized as a national hero, he dedicated himself fervently to Bulgaria’s liberation from Ottoman rule. He held a significant place in the cultural and intellectual advancement of Bulgaria during the Renaissance.

Notably, Lyuben Stoychev Karavelov was the elder brother of the influential post-liberation politician Petko Karavelov (1843 – 1903). His contributions encompassed a wide array of fields, including bibliographic works, articles on Bulgarian literature, culture, lexicography, political history, and numismatics. His diverse literary and scholarly pursuits played a pivotal role in shaping public discourse and intellectual development within Bulgaria during that era.

Engaging actively in the national revolutionary movement, Karavelov held a pivotal role as a member and chairman of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (BRCC) based in Bucharest, Romania, during the early 1870s. His commitment and leadership within this movement contributed significantly to the cause of Bulgaria’s struggle for autonomy and eventual liberation.

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