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Memorial plaque Ilinden 1903


The Ilinden 1903 memorial plaque, situated in Sofia Park “St. Troitsa,” stands as a tribute to the fallen heroes of the Ilinden-Preobrazhen Uprising. This historic event, organized by the Internal Macedonian-Edirne Revolutionary Organization (VMRO), erupted on August 2, 1903, spreading across Macedonia and Odrin (Edirne) in the Ottoman Empire. The uprising represents a pinnacle moment in the national liberation quest of the Macedonian and Thracian Bulgarians.

The insurrection, marked by its widespread significance, saw considerable upheaval and resistance against Ottoman rule. The suppression of the uprising led to a consequential exodus, with around 30,000 individuals from affected regions of the Ottoman Empire seeking refuge in Bulgaria. Notably, some of these displaced individuals found resettlement in what is now the Burgas region.

The memorial plaque at Sofia Park “St. Troitsa” stands as a solemn testament to the sacrifice, courage, and struggle of those who participated in the Ilinden-Preobrazhen Uprising, commemorating their dedication to the cause of liberation.

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