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Monument “The Cross”


The “Cross” monument, nestled in Sofia’s Lozenets district, stands as a poignant symbol of historical significance. Its inception dates back to a pivotal moment: the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878. As a testament to this crucial event, the stone cross was erected on Ascension Day, a day that held deep meaning for the nation’s newfound freedom.

The memories shared by longstanding residents of Lozen recount the immediate post-liberation period, where the people of Sofia, in honor of the fallen Russian soldiers and as a mark of gratitude, raised this monument. This stone cross holds a special place in Sofia’s history, believed to be the city’s earliest memorial monument. Its consecration by Exarch Joseph in May 1878, precisely on Ascension Day, adds a layer of spiritual significance, occurring 40 days after Easter, a time deeply rooted in religious observance and national remembrance.

This monument, standing tall in the Lozenets district, remains a symbol of gratitude, commemorating the sacrifices made during Bulgaria’s Liberation, and serving as a reminder of the nation’s journey towards freedom and unity.

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