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The brother’s grave


The Bratska Mogila monument in Sofia stands as a poignant tribute to the anti-fascist fighters who sacrificed their lives for Bulgaria’s freedom. Erected in Freedom Park (Boris Garden), it was inaugurated on June 2, 1956, a significant day commemorating Hristo Botev’s death and honoring the fallen heroes of Bulgaria’s struggle for liberty.

The monument holds the remains of 17 distinguished members of the Bulgarian Communist Party and the Workers’ Youth Union who bravely fought against fascism. Their names are inscribed in history: Anton Ivanov, Yordanka Nikolova-Chankova, Vlado Trichkov, and others who lived and fought in Sofia.

The structure itself consists of a central tall obelisk measuring 41 meters, flanked by two lower sections. Positioned in front of the obelisk are bronze sculptures depicting a male and female partisan. Alongside the obelisk, bronze wreaths honor the memory of the fallen. The sculptural compositions on the lower sides carry powerful symbolism—a mother sending her son to the front on one side, while on the other, a worker, a peasant woman, and an intellectual symbolize the unity of the people.

The ossuary, covered by a granite slab and a bronze wreath, represents the sacred resting place of these heroes. The monument stands as a solemn reminder of their sacrifice and the collective struggle for freedom.

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