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Iskar Municipal Cultural Institute

Art & Culture

The Municipal Cultural Institute “Iskar” stands as one of the oldest cultural hubs in the capital, with its roots tracing back to its establishment in 1953 as the Trade Union House of Culture. Throughout its extensive history, this institution has been instrumental in promoting and disseminating Bulgarian cultural achievements.

Its legacy intertwines with numerous esteemed Bulgarian artists, having played a pivotal role in nurturing and sharing the cultural heritage of the nation. Transitioning into a municipal cultural institute, the “Iskar” Culture Center continues its commitment to fostering diverse forms of creative exchange while fostering an inclusive environment for new audiences.

Aligned with the principles of decentralizing cultural processes within the capital, this center actively contributes to shaping Sofia as a vibrant and progressive creative hub. By upholding its rich heritage and adapting to modern artistic expressions, it stands as a dynamic force in shaping the cultural landscape of the city.


Sofia, 23 “Krastyu Pastukhov” Blvd

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