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Kavarna Historical Museum

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The city museum in the city of Kavarna received its status in 1971. Initially, it was housed in the community center building in the city center. The museum work in Kavarna began its development after the Liberation. In 1906, a report of the Varna Archaeological Society mentioned the names of Kavarna museum workers.

In 1974, Ivan Rafailov collected a small archaeological collection. It is stored in the headquarters of the local tourist association “Kaliakra”. On November 14, 1956, the Kavarna museum collection was officially established, and Ivan Rafailov was appointed as its first manager.
In 2003, the museum was moved to a new building built specifically for this purpose. It has a small exhibition area where the most attractive finds from the Kavarna region are presented.

In the corridor of the museum building, photographs are presented that give an idea of the appearance of Kavarna in the 19th century. Old books, weapons and drawings tell about the struggles and not easy fate of the city’s inhabitants. In the exposition, a special place is allocated to Chirakman – the ancient and medieval predecessor of the modern city.

In 2007, the museum acquired a new building, in which there is a hall for temporary exhibitions. One of them presents Kavarna and the region in old maps and engravings. In 2008, the latest results of the archaeological research of the Kaliakra fortress were presented. Here you can also see the evidence of the flourishing of Kaliakra as the capital of the Dobruja despotism. This small museum holds a huge amount of finds acquired during the excavations of the numerous sites around Kavarna.

Work time:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 17:00
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 – 17:00

Entrance fees:
Adult entrance BGN 3.00
Adult entrance for two sites BGN 4.00 **with pre-contracted agreement
Student entrance BGN 1.50.
Student entrance for two sites BGN 2.00 **with pre-contracted agreement
Photo BGN 2.00
Talk BGN 10.00

Every Thursday – a free day for visits to the museum expositions of IM-Kavarna

Address: city of Kavarna, “Chernomorska” street #1B
Phone: +359 570 8 21 50
Phone: +359570 8 23 27

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