The first and largest zoo on the Balkan Peninsula, located on an area of over 360 acres. It is currently one of the most modern European zoos with elite and rare specimens. It was established in 1888 by King Ferdinand and was originally located in the royal palace. The first animal exposure was from a black vulture (kartal). Then a pheasant deer and a pair of brown bears appeared. In 1892, the first two lions were brought, which gave birth that same year – a male lion cub. Since the territory of the zoo turned out to be insufficient, the king set aside a part of the former Botanical Garden for its needs.

The ornithologist Dr. Paul Leverkün, who was appointed manager in 1893, has great credit for the development of the zoo. He built a large number of cages, auxiliary buildings for the future residents and a solid building, which later housed the first polar bears. After him, the then chief hunter of the palace, Bernard Curtius, took over the post, who remained in this post for more than 40 years.

The zoo quickly gained popularity and became a place of recreation, entertainment and knowledge, with world-renowned specialists and breeding of valuable and rare animals. In 1982, the Zoo was moved from its small location in the center of the capital to the territory of today’s “Lozenets” municipality. In 1995, a program was created for the “adoption” of animals from private donors, which supports their breeding.

The Zoo deals with nature protection activity, actively participating in national and international programs for the propagation of rare and endangered species. It is located at “Srebarna” street #1, in the south-eastern part of Sofia. There are two entrances for visitors: western – from “Srebarna” street, and eastern – near the intersection of “G.M. Dimitrov” blvd. and “Simeonovsko shose” blvd.

Work time:
Cashiers: 09:00 – 17:30.
Visitor stay: until 18:30.
Administration: 08:30 – 17:00. (Mon-Fri)
Entrance fees:

Address: 1 “Srebarna” St., “Hladilnika” quarter, PK 67 Sofia 1407 Bulgaria
(+359 2) 868 20 43

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