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Peak Musala (2925 M.) – Rila

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Rila is part of the Rila-Rhodope mountain range and occupies its northwestern edge. It is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula, and the sixth in Europe. The mountain is divided into 4 distinct sections – Eastern, Middle, Northwestern and Southwestern Rila.
Eastern Rila is the most extensive and the highest section, the peak of which is the Musala peak. It is also home to the highest lake on the Balkan Peninsula – Ice Lake.

Middle Rila – this is the most rocky and best expressed among the rest. Its highest peak is Cherna Polyana – 2716 m. In this section is located the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula – Stinking Lake. Northwestern Rila is a monolithic crown of some of the most beautiful rock peaks and ridges with a distinctly alpine appearance: Maliovitsa (2729 m); Kupeneti is the highest peak of Northwestern Rila – big Kupen (2731 m) and others. The largest and most famous group of lakes – the Seven Rila Lakes – with the deepest lake on the Balkan Peninsula – Okoto, is located in this section.

Southwest Rila is the lowest section. The highest peak in this section is Angelov peak. Rila is very rich in water resources. There are about 170 lakes in it and it gives rise to three of the largest rivers: Iskar, Maritsa and Mesta. Part of the territory of Rila has been declared a national park. It also has several reserves: “Parangalitsa”, “Central Rila Reserve”, “Scakavitsa”, “Ibar”.

Musala is the highest peak not only in Bulgaria, but also on the Balkan Peninsula. Its height is 2925 m. Viewed from the north, from a distance the peak looks like a granite cone, a peak stuck in the blue, surrounded by the Mancho, Marishki and Bliznaki peaks. To the west, at the foot of Musala, is the valley of the Beli Iskar river, behind which rises the mighty range of Skakavits, Shishkovitsa, Pogledets, etc. To the east, Musala is connected to Malka Musala peak, Irechek, Deno and Studenia vrah. To the north is the Samokov field, cut by the river Iskar. Below the peak are the seven Musalen lakes. Near the lowest Musalen lake, the new and old “Musala” huts were built.

In 1932, the first high-mountain meteorological observatory in Bulgaria was built on the peak, which is the highest in South-Eastern Europe. The Musala peak is included in the national movement “Conqueror of the Ten mountain leaders” under No. 1 is also a point of the Bulgarian section of the European tourist route “E-8”. The most convenient starting point for climbing to the top in about 3 hours is from the Borovets resort with the cabin cableway to Yastrebets, near h. “Musala” and h. “The Ice Lake”. From Mt. Musala, you can continue to the Zavrachitsa (3-30-4 hours) and Granchar (4 hours) huts.

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