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Church “St. Constantine and Elena”, Momchilovtsi village

100 National Tourist Sites

The cultural and historical museum with a gallery contains more than 3,000 exhibits. The exposition is arranged in sections: Archaeology, Bulgarian Revival and Ethnography, which tell about the history and traditional way of life in the village.
The small art gallery presents works by classical and contemporary Bulgarian artists.

The church “St. Constantine and Elena” is among the most interesting sites, the work of the Momchilov stonemasons. It was built in 1836. The belfry, the vestibule and the churchyard were built at the beginning of the 20th century by Hadji Nedelcho Kanev from the Italian school of stonework. His work also includes the Radicho fountain, built by the master on the order of Atanas Radichev, and the chapel “St. Sunday” – one of the 27 chapels surrounding the village. They were built after the construction of the church. When the mountain was conquered by the Turks, all the monasteries and churches in the area were destroyed.

As it is almost impossible to see all the chapels in one walk, they are divided into 3 separate routes.

The village of Momchilovtsi has an interesting history. Apart from construction, the most developed and popular crafts in the past were tailoring, tailoring, fishing and goldsmithing. According to folklore and medieval documents, fishing dates back to before the 14th century. Even then, parents sent their boys as charizans or free laborers to Lake Biston, then owned by the Bachkovo Monastery, where they caught fish for the benefit of the monastery. By 1913, there were 80 fishermen in Momchilovtsi who practiced their trade on Lake Biston.

Numerous archaeological finds testify that life in Momchilovtsi has not been interrupted since the Bronze Age. Numerous finds of fossils preserved in the rocks (ferns, horsetails, magnolia, bamboo, etc.) as well as freshwater snails have been discovered near the village. Specialists are currently comparing this vegetation with the flora of Indonesia.

Momchilovtsi is a popular ethnographic center that has preserved distinctive folklore, traditions, crafts and ancient customs of the Christian religion and culture. Around the village there are interesting rock phenomena such as Dupchov Kamak and Kardjaliyski Kamak. The Kardzhali stone is sung in the famous folk song “Tornal e Todyu.” and there is already an eco-path with that name. South of the “St. Ilia” peak, hidden in a pine forest, is “Ayazmoto” – a place that is believes that many people have received healing. The Tourist Information Center in the village is available to tourists.

How to get to Momchilovtsi?
The village of Momchilovtsi is located in the heart of the Central Rhodopes. It is very close to the ski resort of Pamporovo and the city of Smolyan. The distance from Sofia is 250 km, from Plovdiv – 96 km, and from Smolyan – 14 km. You can get there by bus from Sofia bus station through Plovdiv to Pamporovo, which goes several times a day. Traveling by car is very pleasant and easy. The road is marked with signs in Bulgarian and English. When traveling south from Sofia, Plovdiv or Central Bulgaria, the journey through the mountains starts from Asenovgrad and continues through Narechenski Bani, Hvoyna, Chepelare and Pamporovo. From Mount Rozhen you can continue straight and down and you will reach the village of Sokolovtsi. From there turn left and you will find Momchilovtsi.

The other way is to turn left on the road to Lucky, you pass the Observatory and the beautiful area of Hajdushki Polyani. This road passes through the Kartola sports center, near which is the turnoff for the village of Momchilovtsi.

Work time:
Stamps in Momchilovtsi are available in 3 places:
Working hours in a community center in the village of Momchilovtsi
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
1. Church – irregular working hours;

2. Momchilov Secrets Inn

Working hours – Friday, Saturday and Sunday
from 10:30 to 22:00; Days off: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday tel: 0888147991;

3. Public collection art gallery – museum
Vaska Mavrudieva 0876484894
Saturdays and Sundays – the museum will only be open for requests for more than 10 people by phone: 0876484894.

Community center and museum: 0876484894 – Vaska Mavrudieva

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