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Archaeological Institute With Museum at BAS

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The Archaeological Institute with Museum at BAS has a long history. In its current form, it has been functioning since 1949 and is the continuation and legal successor of the Valuables Department of the library in Sofia, established in 1878-1879. It was transformed in 1892 into the National Museum and the Bulgarian Archaeological Institute, established in 1921 as the first scientific institute in our country.

It is impossible to present in a few lines the most important of the remarkable activities of AIM – BAS. Even just listing its main sections suggests the extremely wide spectrum of scientific research and interests: “Prehistory”, “Thracian Archaeology”, “Ancient Archaeology”, “Medieval Archaeology”, “Numismatics and Epigraphy” and last but not least “Problem Group for interdisciplinary studies”.

It is impossible to list the names of all distinguished specialists who contributed to the universally recognized authority that AIM-BAN enjoys today, but we should still mention two names: of Konstantin Irechek, who as early as 1881 thought of the new museum as a place where “every patriot will be able to get to know his homeland more closely” and “every foreigner can form a clear and good understanding of Bulgaria and the Bulgarians”, and of Prof. Bogdan Filov – the driving force behind the creation of the museum and for the first 20 years its de facto head.

Today, the Archaeological Institute and Museum is a veritable treasure trove with over 450,000 exhibits stored in its holdings, with 6,500 ancient and around 200 medieval stone monuments and a numismatic collection that would make the world’s largest museums proud.

One must definitely mention the “Tresor” hall, where the emphasis falls on three world-famous treasures: the Valchitran treasure, the Lukovit treasure and the one from Nikolaevo /Plevensko/. This hall is intended for exhibiting, in addition to the treasures, also for finds from graves and single objects with a special great artistic and historical importance.

AIM – BAS has branches in Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo.

Work time:
Summer period (May-October): 10:00-18:00; no day off
Winter period (November-April): 10:00-17:00;
holiday: Monday The National Archaeological Museum is closed on December 25 and January 1 each year.
Opening hours on December 24 and 31: from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Entrance fees:
Entrance – BGN 10.
Pupils and students – BGN 2.
Groups of pupils, students, children – over 10 people – BGN 1.
Parent/parents with children under 16 – group ticket – BGN 10.
People with physical disabilities and soldiers – free
Days of free visit: Every second Thursday of the month for pensioners Every last Sunday of the month for all categories of visitors
Guided talk: Bulgarian language – BGN 10
English language – BGN 20

Address: 1000 Sofia, 2 Saborna St
Headquarters: 02 988 24 06

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