Fakulteta, also referred to as Fakulteto in the local Shop idiom, stands as a distinctive neighborhood in Sofia, situated within the Krasna Polyana district. Positioned to the north of the “Barite” district, south of the “Zapaden Park” district, west of the “Krasna Polyana-2” district, and east of the “Suhodol” district, Fakulteta has gained recognition as the Roma ghetto of Sofia. As of 2012, the neighborhood boasted a population of approximately 15,000 inhabitants, facing a notable challenge with an unemployment rate hovering around 20%.

The roots of the “Faculty” quarter trace back to the late 1930s when it witnessed the settlement of individuals from the expanding gypsy quarter known as “Konnyovitsa.” The nomenclature of the quarter derives from the Faculty of Agronomy of Sofia University, founded in 1921, situated in close proximity to the area.

Geographically, Fakulteta is positioned 4 km west of the center of Sofia, gracing the highest point of the entire Sofia valley. Surpassing even the altitude of the Lozenets district, the neighborhood provides swift access to the city center. While it once neighbored extensive forested areas at its foot, the impact of urbanization has significantly diminished the territory covered by these green spaces. In the northern direction, Fakulteta is bordered by West Park.

The neighborhood is traversed by the vital Bus Line 56, contributing to its connectivity within the broader transportation network of Sofia. This accessibility plays a crucial role in linking Fakulteta to various parts of the city, facilitating movement for its residents.

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