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Technical University of Sofia

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The Technical University of Sofia stands as the foremost educational and scientific complex in Bulgaria within the realm of technical and applied science.

As the first and largest university in Bulgaria, the Technical University of Sofia boasts the highest accreditation grade among all higher education institutions in the country. It sets educational standards and spearheads national priorities for the advancement of education and science.

Functioning as a prominent educational, research, and production complex, the university offers a wealth of resources, including highly qualified trainers, engineers, and technical personnel. Equipped with modern laboratory facilities and extensive capacities for experimentation and production, the university provides a conducive environment for academic and scientific pursuits.

The Technical University of Sofia is renowned for its dynamic research endeavors, with its scientific outputs garnering competitiveness on the global stage. With a rich legacy in engineering education, the university offers comprehensive degree programs across various engineering disciplines essential for industrial progress. From mechanical and electrical engineering to electronics, power generation, transport, automation, computer science, telecommunications, and textile engineering, the university covers a wide spectrum of contemporary engineering trends.

Comprising 14 buildings dedicated to academic pursuits, the university’s campus hosts various facilities, including a language center, publishing house, information resources center, and a state-of-the-art sports center with an Olympic-size swimming pool and numerous sports halls.

Distinguishing itself further, the Technical University of Sofia is the sole educational institution in Bulgaria offering instruction in three foreign languages. Additionally, students have the opportunity to obtain diplomas from partner universities and polytechnics in Germany, France, and Great Britain, enhancing their international credentials and prospects.

Year founded: 1945
Academic staff: 870

Address: City of Sofia, “Kliment Ohridski” Blvd. No. 8
Contacts: tel.: phone: (02) 965 28 44; (02) 965 28 45
Е-mail: info@tu-sofia.bg

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