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Rakovski National Defence College

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The Rakovski National Defense College stands as Bulgaria’s primary institution for training military commanders and personnel, as well as a leading center for national security and military science, including NATO operational compatibility.

Throughout its history, the college has maintained its vital role in both the military and public spheres of Bulgaria, earning a reputation as a prestigious academic institution with a strong focus on military knowledge. It serves as a symbol of national military science, contributing to the development of Bulgarian military theoretical thought.

The college offers a range of educational programs through its four main units:

1. National Security and Defense Faculty
2. Command and Staff Faculty
3. Department of Distance Learning, Language Training, and Qualification
4. Institute for Prospective Defense Studies

These units provide training in 13 master’s programs across the accredited professional fields of “National Security” and “Warfare,” as well as 11 accredited scientific specialties for doctoral studies. Approximately 1,000 officers and civilian staff undergo postgraduate training at the college.

As a national institution for higher education, qualification, and scientific research in the field of national security and defense, the Rakovski National Defense College plays a crucial role in shaping the qualifications and expertise of military personnel in Bulgaria. It stands as the oldest higher military school in the country and continues to uphold its legacy as a pillar of military education and research since the liberation of Bulgaria.

Year founded: 1921
Academic staff: 555

Address: City of Sofia, Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd. No. 82,
Contacts: tel.:(02) 922 65 50, (02) 922 65 09
Е-mail: rectornda@armf.bg, rnda@armf.bg

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