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National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski”

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The National Sports Academy (NSA) stands as Bulgaria’s premier higher education institution specializing in physical education, boasting over 70 years of history and a reputation for excellence in sports science education.

As the only university fully dedicated to sports science in Bulgaria and one of the few of its kind in Europe, NSA offers specialized programs across three faculties:

1. Faculty of Sport
2. Faculty of Pedagogy
3. Faculty of Public Health, Health Care, and Tourism

At NSA, students have access to a comprehensive range of educational programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, all designed to provide a thorough understanding of sports and related activities. Scientific research is a cornerstone of NSA’s mission, facilitated by the Center for Scientific and Applied Activities in Sport and various research departments within the academy.

From the outset of their studies, students have access to state-of-the-art scientific equipment and opportunities to engage in research activities. They can participate in project teams and sports clubs covering 42 different sports, fostering both athletic development and youth engagement.

NSA provides comprehensive support services to its students, including dormitories, recreational facilities, nutrition services, medical care centers, and career guidance and counseling services.

The education offered at NSA aligns with the qualifications framework for higher education in the European Higher Education Area, ensuring transparency, recognition of diplomas, student mobility, and adherence to the principles of the Bologna process. This commitment to international standards positions NSA as a leading institution for sports science education, offering students the opportunity to excel in their chosen field and make meaningful contributions to the world of sports.

Year founded: 1942
Academic staff: 252

Address: City of Sofia, “Student City”
Contacts: tel.: (02) 401 41 00, 0898 776 687
Е-mail: rector.@nsa.bg

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