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National Academy of Art

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The National Academy of Art, founded in 1896, stands as the oldest and most prestigious institution for arts education in Bulgaria. Established by eminent Bulgarian intellectuals such as Professors Konstantin Velichkov, Ivan Shishmanov, Anton Mitov, Ivan Mrkvicka, Boris Schatz, and Ivan Angelov, its inception was ordained by Knyaz Ferdinand, marking the beginning of a rich legacy.

Throughout its history, the National Academy of Art has remained committed to providing traditional high education in various art subjects. Its workshops have seen numerous generations of students and teachers, fostering an atmosphere conducive to artistic growth and education. As one professor aptly described, even the walls of the academy seem to impart wisdom accumulated over more than a century of artistic endeavor.

The academy’s influence extends beyond its walls, with numerous exhibitions and events organized both domestically and internationally, showcasing the professionalism and cultural impact of its faculty and students. Despite its esteemed reputation and top rankings in professional fields, the true essence of the academy lies in the vibrant and dynamic creative process that permeates its halls.

Year founded: 1896
Academic staff: 125

Address: City of Sofia, Shipka St. Nr. 1
Contacts: tel.: (02) 988 17 01
E-Mail: rector@nha.bg

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