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National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”

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The National Academy of Music “Prof. Pantcho Vladigerov” stands as a pinnacle of music education in Bulgaria, boasting a rich heritage of professional excellence and a steadfast commitment to nurturing the talents of aspiring musicians. Renowned for its esteemed faculty and comprehensive curriculum, the academy serves as both a leading music education center and a prominent cultural hub, earning increasing public prestige and recognition.

As the most authoritative higher education music school in Bulgaria, the academy upholds a legacy of tradition and innovation, fostering the potential and achievements of its students while honoring the renowned artists who have graced its halls throughout history. Graduates of the academy consistently excel on both national and international stages, securing top prizes in prestigious competitions and participating in esteemed music initiatives worldwide.

The academy’s faculty comprises distinguished representatives of the music industry in Bulgaria, whose expertise and dedication ensure the highest standards of education and development for students. With a focus on practical experience and scholarly inquiry, the academy offers over 30 majors rooted in Bulgarian musicology and teaching traditions. Syllabuses are regularly updated to align with contemporary standards, providing students with opportunities to engage in productions, concerts, research meetings, and seminars.

In addition to its rigorous academic programs, the academy hosts master classes and lectures by renowned musicians and scholars, further enriching the educational experience. Committed to international collaboration and exchange, the academy is a proud member of the Association of Higher Education Institutions of Arts and actively participates in the Erasmus Programme, facilitating opportunities for students to broaden their horizons and explore diverse musical traditions. With its dedication to excellence and innovation, the National Academy of Music continues to shape the future of music education and artistic expression in Bulgaria and beyond.

Year founded: 1921
Academic staff: 555

Address: City of Sofia, Evlogi und Hristo Georgievi Blvd. Nr. 94
Contacts: tel.: (02) 440 97 84; (02) 440 97 83

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