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Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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About the Academy

The Academy of the Ministry of Interior, located in Bulgaria, serves as a premier institution for training government employees and personnel of the Ministry of Interior. This academy is integral to the development and education of Bulgaria’s law enforcement and interior ministry staff.

Detailed Overview

Founded on July 5, 1879, the Academy has a rich history that parallels the development of Bulgaria’s police forces. The initial legislation governing the Bulgarian police was enacted in 1889, laying the groundwork for formal police training. This led to the inauguration of the first academic year for police guards in 1907.

The year 1944 marked a significant milestone with the commencement of the first classes at the Public School for Policemen in Sofia. Subsequently, similar institutions were established in Plovdiv and Burgas. By 1949, these schools were amalgamated into the Central School for the Ministry of Interior, dedicated to Georgi Dimitrov. A pivotal change occurred in 1991 when it was renamed the Higher Institute for Officer Training and Research, reflecting its expanded role in education and research.

A transformative decision by the National Assembly in 2002 elevated the institution to university status, thereby creating the Academy of the Ministry of Interior as it is known today. This change was accompanied by the adoption of its own flag, seal, and the establishment of an official day on October 1st, symbolizing the Academy’s importance and autonomy within Bulgaria’s educational and governmental landscape.

Year founded: 1979
Academic staff: 112

Address: City of Sofia, “Alexander Malinov” Blvd. No. 1
Contacts: tel.: (02) 982 92 13; fax: (02) 974 37 85
Е-mail: academy@mvr.bg
Website: Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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