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Centennial tree “Levski’s Blackberry”


The “Levski’s Mulberry” is a remarkable and centuries-old tree of the Morus alba species, commonly known as White Mulberry. This tree holds historical and symbolic significance in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. Located a hundred steps east of the Central Sofia Bath at 2 Iskar Street, it is recognized as a protected species and stands as the oldest tree in the capital.

The historical chernica is associated with Vasil Levski, a key figure in Bulgaria’s struggle for freedom. According to legend, Levski stayed at the inn of Hadji Mano, a defender of Bulgaria’s freedom and associate of the Deacon. The mulberry tree served as a place where Levski tied his horse during his stay at the inn. This legend is supported by notes from Vasil Levski himself, mentioning his stay at the Manovia Khan.

There are varying opinions regarding the age of the tree, ranging from 220 years to over 600 years. Regardless of the precise age, “Levski’s Mulberry” remains a significant historical and cultural landmark, connecting the present with Bulgaria’s revolutionary past.

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