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University Botanical Garden


Situated in the heart of Sofia, the city boasts the oldest Botanical Garden, established in 1892 by the pioneering botanist Dr. Stefan Georgiev. A symbol of continuity and historical significance, the garden’s inauguration saw the planting of a summer oak (Quercus robur L.), during which King Ferdinand placed a pair of gold in the roots. Today, this majestic oak stands as a living testament, with its robust trunk and sprawling crown, casting shade and reminiscent of the expansive oak groves that once covered the Sofia field.

Encompassing an area of 5 decares, the Sofia University Botanical Garden showcases approximately 2,500 plant species in both greenhouses and outdoor spaces. It seamlessly blends the charm of a leisurely stroll with the pursuit of serious educational and conservation endeavors.

Distinguished features within the garden include:

1. Greenhouses: These spaces unveil the captivating beauty and unique species diversity of the tropics, featuring orchids, bromeliads, eels, palms, cycads, cacti, and other succulents.

2. Rosarium: Cultivating over 40 varieties of rose bushes, the Rosarium is a fragrant and visually stunning section of the garden.

3. Rock Gardens: These areas authentically replicate the conditions of rocky mountain habitats, showcasing plants adapted to such environments.

4. Mediterranean Section: Transporting visitors to the ambiance of Greece, southern Italy, and the island of Sardinia, this section captures the essence of Mediterranean flora.

5. Grandma’s Kindergarten: An educational space where children can explore the origins of the food on their table, featuring different edible plants and modern roof landscaping.

6. Medicinal Plants: In response to growing interest, the Apothecary Garden offers insights into the role of plants for medical and cosmetic purposes, guiding visitors through the composting process and showcasing the herbal spiral.

As a member of esteemed organizations such as the World Council of Botanic Gardens (BGCI), the European Consortium of Botanic Gardens, and the Educational Network for Environmental Education in Botanic Gardens (EBGEN), the Sofia University Botanical Garden actively participates in the global exchange of seeds through the Index Seminum, contributing to the rich tapestry of botanical knowledge worldwide.

Adults: BGN 4.00.
Pupils, students and pensioners: BGN 2.00.
Organized visits for children up to 7 years old: BGN 0.50.
People with permanent disabilities: Free
Botanical talk in Bulgarian: BGN 12.00.
Botanical talk in a foreign language: BGN 18.00.

Work time:
Wednesday – Friday: 9:00 – 17:00
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 – 18:00

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