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Bicycle route “Boyana quarter – Dragalevtsi quarter – Boyana lake – Boyana quarter” – Vitosha


The bicycle route “Boyana Quarter – Dragalevtsi Quarter – Boyana Lake – Boyana Quarter” around Vitosha Mountain offers a scenic and enjoyable ride, combining urban and natural landscapes. Here’s a brief overview of the route:

Start: Boyana Quarter
– Begin your ride in the Boyana Quarter, a charming residential area in Sofia known for the Boyana Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Segment 1: Boyana Quarter to Dragalevtsi Quarter
– Head towards the Dragalevtsi Quarter, another picturesque neighborhood at the foothills of Vitosha Mountain.
– Enjoy the peaceful streets and possibly stop for a coffee or snack at local cafes.

Segment 2: Dragalevtsi Quarter to Boyana Lake
– Continue your journey towards Boyana Lake, a beautiful reservoir nestled in the Vitosha Mountain.
– The road may include a mix of paved and unpaved paths, providing a diverse biking experience.
– Once at Boyana Lake, take a break to enjoy the scenery, perhaps have a picnic, and appreciate the tranquility of nature.

Segment 3: Boyana Lake to Boyana Quarter
– Cycle back towards the Boyana Quarter, completing the loop.
– You may choose to follow the same route or explore alternative paths, depending on your preferences and time.

End: Boyana Quarter
– Finish your ride back in the Boyana Quarter.

Additional Tips:
– This route offers a mix of terrains, so ensure your bicycle is suitable for both paved and unpaved surfaces.
– Check the weather conditions before starting your ride, and bring essentials like water, sunscreen, and any necessary safety gear.
– The Boyana Church and Vitosha Mountain provide additional points of interest along the way, allowing for cultural and nature exploration.

Remember to respect local regulations and be mindful of pedestrians and other cyclists. Enjoy the ride and the beautiful surroundings of Vitosha Mountain!

Length: 11.46 km
Elevation (ascent): 400m
Crossing time: 2-3 hours.
Level of technical difficulty: high
Level of physical exertion: medium
Marking color: red

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