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The Pitcher Boy Fountain

The "Boy with a Pitcher" fountain is situated within the Doctor's Garden in Sofia, boasting a history of over 80 years. Despite the passage of time, this fountain has endured and retained its charm, serving as a testament to its longevity...

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Soldier’s Memorial

The former memorial, inaugurated by Boris III, bears the official title "Memorial to those who died in the wars of 1885, 1912-1913, and 1915-1918 of the First and Sixth Sofia Regiments." Initially, the monument comprised three U-shaped...

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Sculpture “The Shot Poets”

The distinctive monument stands in proximity to Garibaldi Square, specifically at 5 Angel Kanchev Street, positioned prominently in front of the former building that housed the Union of Bulgarian Writers. This unique sculpture features a...

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Monument to Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov

The bust-monument honoring Prof. Asen Zlatarov stands proudly within the "Zaimov" park, adjacent to the "Sofia" theater. This monument, erected in 1996, was a testament to the initiative undertaken by the "Asen Zlatarov" club,...

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Monument to Dimitar Gichev

Dimitar Gichev was a Bulgarian politician associated with the Bulgarian People's Agricultural Union. He held key ministerial positions, serving as the Minister of Agriculture and State Properties from 1931 to 1932 and later as the...

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Monument to Zahariy Stoyanov

The monument to Zahariy Stoyanov (Jendo Stoyanov Jedev) stands in Boris Garden, situated within the city of Sofia. Zahariy Stoyanov was a multifaceted figure in Bulgarian history, known as a revolutionary, politician, journalist, and...

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